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Ballet flats for Wedding

Ballet flats for Wedding
tieks ballet flats for women

“Shoes are meant to facilitate movement, not serve as shackles.”

After some research on the controversy the eternal dispute over High heels or flats shoes…will never end. That’s because the world is so colorful, people have different thinking, mentality, taste.

Family upbringing also very deeply determines the value system and what our focus will be. What will be valuable and beautiful for us is determined at a very early age?

I remember looking with admiration at my mother’s pink lipstick, putting it on secretly, and then wiping it away so she wouldn’t know I had touched it.

I liked the shoes she was wearing then, of course, the heels were quite high, wanted to say that we first influence the family and then of our environment.

Nowadays, it is difficult to escape from the information flow, which floods us every second. If we refer to the official research, we can understand how the competition between high heels against flat shoes is assessed.

ballet flat wedding shoes

Тhe results showed consistent evidence linking high heels to an increased risk of bunions, musculoskeletal pain, and injuries to the wearer. However, the overall risk of potential injury was deemed moderate.

At the same time, the review indicated that wearing high heels increases a woman’s attractiveness – to herself and men – and that many choose to wear them for social and cultural reasons.

Women’s feet look smaller with a sexy high heel?

While there are men who feel attracted to all manner of women – thin, heavy, short, tall – men feel attracted to women who are more petite than they are, that’s the most widespread statement, that sometimes is valuable, sometimes not. It doesn’t matter, now I will share with you something about the controversy around Flats vs Heels, that some people think that make women’s feet look more petite and, therefore, more attractive.

Women’s feet look smaller with sexy high heels. Your gorgeous wedding shoes should be a reflection of your style. If you aren’t into heels, wear whatever shoes make you happy.

“Your wedding is about being your authentic self “and heels may not be you.

For me, wearing high heels is linked to feeling and being perceived as more confident, and in that case, that’s true.

Although I’m not taller than most other people even in my daytime clogs or wedges, I feel more in charge, more awake even, than when I’m in a leather ballet flat. I love the way my walk changes, the way my hips swing, my shoulders roll back and my posture straightens.

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Seriously, according to the Spine Health Institute Walking in heels too much can even drastically screw up your posture, by displacing the foot and ankle bones, straining the knee joint, and tightening the surrounding tendons.

High heels push the center of mass in the body forward, taking the hips and spine out of alignment.

They may make legs look longer but as the height of the heels goes up, so does the pressure on the forefront.

You need to pay attention to your bridal wedding shoes because on this day you will have more than the normal load on your feet. Besides, the location of the wedding itself is essential, because if your wedding is on the beach, for example, you can’t go in high heels, right?

Even if you do, you will experience great discomfort from your high heels if they sink in the sand and you’ll eventually be left barefoot.


Wedding Ballet Flats by Gavrieli

Welcome the most versatile flats in the world. These are the most comfortable flat shoes for women. There are made from Italian leathers that are so supple and mold to your feet making them a dream to wear.

I would recommend these shoes for you and/or your bridal party to dance the night away on your special day!

If you still looking for something blue, I have a surprise, just have a look at the sole of this incredible shoe.

Overall, the flats are extremely comfortable and have a noticeable turquoise sole, perfect for footwear photo ops at your wedding. Tieks’ shoes are easy to slip on and lightweight, which makes them extremely easy to wear.

turquoise flat shoes

The Tieks Company

Tieks is a family run business whose mission is to become the most versatile designer flats in the world. The company has been going strong for years now and their product is more popular than ever.

Tieks are not for a bride on a budget. Unless you are the type of bride who simply must prioritize her wedding day shoe choice, out anywhere from $175-$345+ for these super comfy ballet flats.

These cute women flats involve over 150 steps to put together and nearly 3 days to make.  I think they are worth every penny because they are made from the finest Italian leathers with a very comfortable flexible sole.

Each pair of Tieks has a non-elasticized, cushioned back which means you probably won’t end up with blisters on your heels. They also feature Tieks Blue non-skid rubber soles and a stripe on the back of each heel. I adore the look of the soles and it’s one of my favorite features on these flats.

You wouldn’t think that Tieks Blue would match every color, but it does! Just scroll through their Boutqek and you’ll see that firsthand.

Tieks has a Wedding Boutique full of fantastic wedding inspired colors. Alternatively, they are amazing for a wonderful bridesmaid gift?

flat shoes for women

They stretch and become comfy ‘slipper-like. Tieks will stretch out a little bit and should mold to your feet as you wear them. Tieks have a cushioned instep and just mold perfectly to my feet.

They run true-to-size and Tieks typically suggests sizing down if you’re a half-size (unless you have a wide foot or find that you can generally size up in other shoes)
I’m an 8.5 or 9 and the size 9 fits me perfectly. If you’re worried about which size to get, don’t be.
They have an incredible exchange policy. You just let them know you need a different size and they’ll send them out right away, and even the return shipping is free. So, if you have wider feet, I would suggest going up a size.

Yes, these Tieks flats shoes are stretchy

I recommend you try wearing them for one or two hours a day for an initial one week time period. This is good news for people who may have different sized feet! Note that it can take a bit of time for new Tieks to be broken in. Portable, durable, and stylish. I highly recommend them to you and your friends, who will also be amazed by their price and quality.

You will receive it in a super cute and colorful box. The opening of a pair of Flat Tieks from their fresh turquoise box is a lot like opening a Christmas gift. Right away you can tell that these simple 100%  leather shoes are super quality, and look and feel like they

flat shoes for wedding

are made to last! They come with a compact pouch, which is designed to easily compress folded shoes for travel. The crusted flower on top together with handwritten notes is very nice to touch.

How to buy Tieks shoes

You can purchase Tieks online only. Not to worry! This can be scary for a shoe product because you can’t try them on before you buy them. Tieks offer free returns and free shipping on all orders. So if you need a different size for example, simply return them and get a new size.most comfortable flat shoes women

So, if you’ve been lusting after a certain pair of Tieks, I’d encourage you to take the plunge and see for yourself why these flats are worthy of a healthy obsession.  In my opinion, Tieks are 100% worth the price tag.

Although I have been wearing high heels for a very long time in today’s environment, flat ones will always be preferred, especially if you will be dancing all night to the sounds of inspired musicians.

If you want to be in high heels on your wedding day, still put a pair of Tieks on your bag, just in case your legs swell and get tired. After all, this is your wedding day that needs to be remembered properly.

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Follow your instincts but think wisely and make the right choice.
Research shows that people who make decisions quickly, tend to be more satisfied with their decisions than people who research and carefully weigh their options.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

All the best on your big wedding day!



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