Latest trends in shoes for spring/summer

Are you ready for the upcoming warm days? Тake a look at what are the current trends in shoes for spring/summer 2020.

A pair of Mary Jane adds a sophisticated finishing

1. The charming style has been around forever but has ventured in and out of the footwear spotlight in recent years. As my friends in the UK declared last month, the retro Mary Jane is set to be 2020’s star shoe silhouette. Now is the time to review the latest trends and choose models that will make you feel comfortable both in everyday life and for more formal occasions. Mary Jane is making a comeback in eclectic colors and forward shapes this year.ladies fancy shoes

I recommend you because they are perfect for office style. They combine comfort and elegance. The strap that goes through the legs makes them more stable. Most often, Mary Jane’s shoes do not have very high heels, although this season we see some exceptions. They are not very high, so they will be comfortable if you have to spend a whole day at work. At the same time, they are elegant, stylish and very suitable if you need them after your workday, to go to an evening party.

Be unique with your charming latest sneakers

2. Colorful sneakers

The trend with many colors is transferred to classic sports shoes. New hot sneakers with many patterns are a hit for spring/summer 2020.

Spring sneakers in neon colors with thick rough soles are especially relevant. Fashion nowadays has changed a lot, so you can easily combine colored sneakers with an elegant suit or a long pleated skirt( those that are from my grandma’s time). The skirt looks cute with bright colored shoes, you can wear them for lunch with your friends or just for a stroll around the city. colorful sneakers

Of course, even the best sneakers will always be sports shoes, there is a huge choice of models, colors, and all sorts of fantastic models for spring/summer 2020. Be bold and experiment, jump passionately into the realm of bold design solutions that will contribute to your better worldview, self-confidence, and realization … soon I even noticed a bank employee wearing silver and white sneakers … yes, that’s right, at work in the bank. She felt quite comfortable. I don’t know if it’s allowed, but behind the desk, maybe it’s not a problem.

3, Flatworms. Guess what?

black flatform sandalsThere’s an easy way to decipher the comfortable walking sandals from the painful ones. Just look for shoes that have a padded footbed, adjustable straps, rubber outer soles, and lightweight materials. Or reach for my favorite summer trend: flatforms. They give me a little extra height while also alleviating the pressure on the balls of my feet. Details like that make all the difference and help to increase arch support.flatform sandals

Now when I say comfortable, I hope you’re not thinking about granny-looking sandals (sorry grandma). The word comfy does not mean your shoes have to be a total bore. The best options incorporate details from spring and summer footwear trends. From the ladies’ classic sandal to the gladiator-themed ones, each pair will keep your wardrobe looking fresh.

Another convenient suggestion for the spring/summer 2020 season. They are suitable if you like a sporty or casual style of dress. Most often they have wide straps or many ties for more stability. We see them in different heights of the sole – from 5 to 10 centimeters.

Fancy shoes are the basis of your wardrobe

4. Ladies shoes and sandals, the latest trends in women”s shoes

best summer shoes

Summer shoes and sandals with many laces are among the current proposals for the spring/summer 2020 season. They are elegant, challenging, and very sexy. They are more suitable for free time than for the office.

From espadrilles to trendy sandals, lace-up shoes are the move come spring and summer. Lace them up-right over your pants for the more risk-taking side of the trend, if you want to go bold. There is also something for fans of sports style.

Most comfortable sneakers you ever wear

5. Sock sneakers

Here the good design combined elements of a sock and a sneaker to produce rather sporty, comfortable, and fashionable footwear.

There is also something for fans of sports style. Sock sneakers have been smoothly entering the trends for several seasons and will be a hit this spring. Sock sneakers are comfortable. I heartily recommend them especially for people with swollen feet who have difficulty finding shoes.socks sneakers

Sock sneakers are undeniably the next big thing in the line of casual footwear. Fashion is slowly being redefined and simplistic and minimalist designs are slowly taking over. Sock sneakers are comfortable and in style and you should invest in a pair.

Sandal season is officially here

6. Shoes and sandals with heels and platforms

summer shoes and sandals

Among the most current models of shoes and sandals for spring /summer, 2020 are those with a platform and thick heel. The platform “robs” from the height of the heel and makes the shoe more comfortable. These models are suitable are ladies who like high heels, but can not wear shoes with a steep arch. With these shoes you can even run, if necessary, their comfortable height and small slope make them so comfortable that you can walk with them all day. I have several pairs of different colors and shapes. They are also very cool as they can be worn with ultra-short skirts and sports wedges.

The style is the only real luxury, that is desirable

7. Trendy shoes with a lot of color and details

The spring/summer 2020 season will be colorful when it comes to shoes. The models in bright colors, with stones, eyelets, and embroidery are among the current and diverse offers. When you wear such glamorous shoes, the rest of your outfit should be simpler to have balance.fancy shoes
new trends in shoes


You may think that these shoes resemble cockatoo plumage and you are probably right. Some so many talented designers put a part of their heart and their exceptional inexpressive charm and creativity into creating such stunning creations, with which you can immediately attract the eyes of even the greatest skeptic or critic … positively of course! I love this type of stunning shoes, worn with simple one-color dresses. However, you have a small piece of jewelry that catches the eye and gives you the feeling of a Little Cinderella flying to her prince.

Hoping your summer includes lots of trendy shoes, family time, ice cream, swimming, laughter, and fabulous memories.

All the Best

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